Naked Suicidal Man

Naked Suicidal Man Lit Up With Pepperball Rounds and Taser

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Officers in Ohio were forced to deal with a naked suicidal man who was wielding an axe earlier this month.

On October 1 Colerain Township police responded to reports of a domestic disturbance. They arrived on scene and made contact with 52-year-old Sean Arbuckle who was in the process of barricading his porch. Arbuckle became agitated and began yelling at police officers shortly after they arrived.

The angry man stripped naked and started swinging at officers with a tomahawk. He told the officers that no-one was leaving alive and asked them to shoot him several times. He also told police that they should kill him or he would kill them.

The responding officers called for backup and they arrived on scene with a pepperball gun.

As the officers converged on Arbuckle, he ran at them while swinging the hatchet. The officer with the pepperball gun shot him several times while another officer Tased him. He jumped back onto his feet and ran at officers again. The second volley of pepper balls and second Taser deployment finally took Arbuckle down.

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