Naked Man Tased by Houston Police

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A naked man with a bug sprayer was Tased by Houston police after slapping an officer.

Police responded to a Metro Rail in Houston earlier this month in reference to a disturbance on one of the trains. A report came in that a man was acting erratically on board. By acting erratically, we mean he was wearing his birthday suit while carrying around a bug sprayer.

Houston Police arrived on scene to wait for the train to stop. As soon as the doors opened, the primary officer was sprayed with the bug sprayer by the naked man. He pointed his taser at the man, but was slapped silly before he could deploy it.

After shaking off the devastating slap, the officer delivered a Taser shot to the mans lower body. The secondary officer also delivers a taser shot and the man goes down.

They were able to get cuffs on him without further incident.

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