Road Raging Motorcycle Driver Causes Multi Car Pileup In California

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Police are investigating an incident that lead to a multiple care pileup on a Santa Clarita highway Wednesday morning. Do you have any information?

One person was seriously injured in a car accident caused by road rage in Santa Clarita, California, early Wednesday morning. Tim Morrison and Chris Traber, the two men who shot the cell phone footage, say that they started recording shortly after the sedan cut off the motorcycle driver, and the situation started to escalate. The decision to record was a good idea, because the Motorcycle driver kicks the side of the sedan, causing the sedan to swerve as the driver was probably startled. This immediately escalates the situation.

The motorcycle driver was able to brake fast enough to avoid being hit, and stayed on his bike thankfully, however the sedan still crashed into the median on the highway before swerving over and causing a vehicle that was not involved in the accident to flip over. The motorcycle driver then continued to drive as if nothing happened. The police in Santa Clarita are investigating this accident as a possible hit and run, if you have information that could lead to an arrest please call the California Highway Patrol at (661)294-5540.

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