Suspect In Burglary Case Screams For His Mommy While Being Arrested

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A suspect in a burglary case screams for his mommy as Albuquerque police arrest him for theft and vandalism of a local store.

Helicopter moms are becoming a serious problem for our country. As these children grow up, they end up turning into little scum bags like this kid who think their mommy can get them out of any stupid situation they put themselves into. It’s a sad reality for our country right now, and the only thing that is ever truly going to solve the issue is pure and simple carnage on a national scale. Hopefully it never comes to that, but some day I fear our nation will once again call on her young to defend her, and our young will look to their parents for help instead of shouldering forward to win our Nation’s conflicts and defend freedom.

The suspect, a young kid, was caught at the scene of the crime returning to conduct another robbery. In his possession were six knives stolen from the store, gloves, a flashlight, a screwdriver set and $213. The Old Town shop was closed with a sign that read “Due to the acts of those that have no respect for themselves or others, we will be closed because of theft and vandalism until further notice.” Now those shop owners can rest a little easier knowing that this punk kid just got a taste of real world consequences.

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