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Double Taser Deployment Takes Down Car Thief

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Marshfield police give a car thief a double dose of justice with a simultaneous taser deployment.

On October 23 the Marshfield Police officers in Marshfield, WI spotted a suspect driving a stolen car. One of the officers followed the suspect until he bailed on foot near a local Dairy Queen. Dispatch informed the responding officers that the suspect may have knives on him.

The Marshfield officer in the video who is recording tries to de-escalate the situation calmly without much success.  The first officer pulls his service pistol out and commands the man on the ground. The suspect initially gets on the ground then jumps up and starts arguing with the officer.

The suspect takes off running then stops behind the Dariy Queen, still refusing the officer’s lawful orders. Two other officers come up behind the suspect and deploy their Tasers at almost the exact same time. The suspect instantly drops and is taken into custody.

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