Man Takes 40mm Beanbag From Reno Police

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When a police officer who is holding a 40mm launcher gives you clear and concise instructions, you should probably listen to him.

In the video below Reno Police are in a standoff with a suspect. The police officer on the left has a 40mm launcher, commonly used by police to deploy tear gas or beanbags. The police officer on right who is giving orders is armed with his patrol rifle.

The officer on the right tells the man to face away and walk backwards several times. The man keeps turning around to face the officers while waving his hands around. Because these instructions are too complicated for the man, the Reno officer tells him to get on his knees.

The man refuses to get onto his knees so the officer on the left pops him with what looks like a beanbag round or some other type of less than lethal projectile.

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