Man Tackles Officer To The Ground Before Being Shot

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The suspect had many chances to comply before being Tased and shot.

This incident took place on Sunday night in Stow, Ohio after police received reports of a man knocking on doors and asking people for cigarettes. Stow officers found 30-year-old William Porubsky and transported him to a homeless shelter. During the ride to the homeless shelter, Porubsky thanked the officer for the ride and made small talk.

When the officer arrived at the shelter, Porubsky refused to get out of the patrol car. He argued with the officer before finally getting out of the back seat. The officer sees that the man isn’t going to comply so he asks him several to sit on a curb.

Porubsky suddenly grabs at the front door of the patrol car then tries to grab the officer’s Taser. The officer deploys the taser, but it doesn’t make a good connection. Porubsky turns around and tackles the officer to the ground. They fight for a moment before the officer pulls out his service pistol and kills Porubsky.

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