Man Shoots Two Officers with Lighting Speed

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Body camera footage captures the moment a suspect pulls a gun and shoots two Georgia officers.

Lavonia police officers initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle after being alerted that it was possibly stolen. The vehicle eventually stops in a Zaxby’s parking lot and officers step the suspect out of the vehicle. When the video starts, 22-year-old police officer Jeffery Martin can be seen standing with the suspect.

50-year-old police officer Michael Schulman approaches the suspect and tells him to keep his hand out of his pocket. As officer Schulman attempts to pat down 22-year-old Khari Gordgon, he pulls out a gun and opens fire.

Officer Schulman is shot underneath his armpit and officer Martin was shot in the hand. Neither could return fire as the suspect runs away.

Fortunately the two officers lived through the incident. This could have easily ended up much worse. This video just goes to show how much time an officer has to react in a dynamic shooting incident.

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