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Man Shoots at Flagstaff Police, Doesn’t End Well For Him

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Three Flagstaff police officers are on leave following a shooting in a Walmart parking lot.

On Thursday, October 12 police in Flagstaff, Arizona recieved calls of a man with a gun in a Walmart parking lot. Flagstaff officers Pat Condon, Dustin Hemp, and Ryan Sherf responded to the scene. Upon arrival the officers set up a perimeter around the truck and tried calling the suspect out his truck

The suspect, 29-year-old Sean Brady, responded by raising a pistol a firing at officer Condon. Officer Condon quickly took cover behind an SUV and returned fire. The other two officers on scene also returned fire, fatally wounding Brady.

Brady’s truck rolled forward and struck a light pole. For officer safety, SWAT was called in to clear the truck. Reports state that a pistol, several rounds of ammo, and two rifles were found inside of the truck with Brady.

No officers were harmed during the shooting. The three officers have been place on administrative leave following the shooting.

Great job officers.

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