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Man Rushes Las Vegas Police With BB GUN

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Las Vegas Police officer shoots man after he rushes them with a BB gun.

On Oct. 11 Las Vegas Police officers responded to calls of a domestic disturbance between a woman and suspect Vaughn Morrill. Officers arrived on scene and escorted Morrill’s girlfriend into his house to retrieve some property. Earlier the same day, Morrill had commited coercion with force against the girlfriend. He had also stated earlier that he would “kill a cop if need be”.

In the body camera footage below Morill can be heard berating officers through a doorbell camera device as they arrive on scene. He was not at the house at the time, but told officers he would kill them.

As officers were inside of the residence helping the girlfriend retrieve her things, Morrill pulled up outside. He fired the bb gun at one police car then struck another police car with the butt of the gun.

The officers exited the home just as Morill was walking up. He shouts “Die!” and points the bb gun at officer Julien Pappas. Pappas fires five shots, striking Morill once. Reports state that Morrill was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

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