Man Overpowers Two Female Officers And Goes For One Of Their Guns

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Two female officers are overpowered while trying to detain an unruly suspect. Good Samaritans come to their aid just in time.

When two officers come to deal with a suspect who is trying to board the Tampa, Florida transit system after being banned from using it, things take an ugly turn. As the two female officers struggle to detain the man and place him in handcuffs, he manages to push both of them to the ground. He then proceeds to start punching one of the officers in the face, while trying to retrieve the duty pistol from the belt of the same officer.

Two good Samaritans saw the scuffle start, and immediately come to the officer’s aid. After the first show up, more people start to crowd around to assist the officers, effectively detaining the suspect from causing any further harm to anyone in the nearby area. Who knows how this situation would have turned out if the people standing nearby had decided to record the event on their cell phones instead of stepping in to help.

My guess is that the officers would have been shot by their own service pistol, as it was reported that the suspect had reached for the officer’s pistol four times. While the Officers applaud the Good Samaritans, one of them is now under investigation by the transit line for coming to the aid of the officers. You can read more about that investigation at this link.

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