Man Backs Over Arlington Officer Before Being Shot

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Police ordered the wanted man out of his vehicle several times before he ran an officer over twice.

On February 1 of this year, a 14-year veteran officer initiated a traffic stop on 23-year-old Tavis Crane. After the initial approach to the vehicle, the officer discovered that Crane had multiple warrants for his arrest. Crane had a felony warrant from Dallas County for a probation violation of evading arrest and multiple misdemeanor warrants out of Grand Prairie.

The female officer who made the initial stop called for backup to assist. They order him out of the car several times and he refuses to comply. As the officers go in to make the arrest, the female officer walks behind the car. Crane throws it in reverse and backs right over the officer.

Tavis Cane

One of the backup officers jumps into Crane’s car from the rear passenger door and shoots him. Crane pulls forward in an attempt to escape and runs the female officer over again. The car stops further down the road due to Crane having bullet holes in him. Officers performed CPR and he later was pronounced dead.

The female officer was taken to the hospital for several broken bones and is expected to be alright.

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