Guide: Why Less Lethal Options Aren’t A Fool Proof Solution To Attackers

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Want to know exactly why police don’t shoot for the legs if someone has a deadly weapon? This article is your complete guide to the scenario.

We found another great training video floating around the internet today. The only information we can dig up about this incident is that it happened in Lebanon. It doesn’t take Google though to figure out that the guy in the video wants to hurt someone.

On one side we have pissed off, possibly insane, dual-wielding knife man. On the other side we have what looks like several civilians who have pistols, one guy with some pepper spray, and somebody off screen who has a fire extinguisher (or possibly riot spray).

Round 1:

Knife Man vs. Blue shirt guy

Blue shirt gives knife man a little squirt of OC. This just pissed knife man off even more and causes blue shirt to trip over his own feet, which would have equaled insta-death. Blue shirt lost this round after getting his pepper spray in his own eyes and almost dying. Maybe blue shirt should have hugged him.

Round 2:

Yellow Fog Guy vs. Knife Man

Fog Guy shoots a little yellow cloud at Knife Man, causing Knife Man to rush him. Fog Guy unleashes his yellow fury, which has no effect. Knife Man changes direction and rushed towards a crowd. At least three people in the crowd have pistols from what I can see, but they all choose flight over fight.

Round 3:

White Shirt vs. Knife Man

White shirt has a gun, which if pointed at someones center mass and used properly can end a threat immediately. White Shirt chooses to run the opposite direction. Blue Camo guy fires a shot, catching the attention of Knife Man.

Round 4:

Blue Camo vs. Knife Man

After firing a few shots, Blue Camo takes off running while still firing behind himself at Knife man. White Shirt decides to tag team and follows behind knife man while firing at his legs. Either everyone is a terrible shot or a crazy guy hopped up on adrenaline with a knife can keep fighting through a few leg wounds.

More shots are fired. When bullets to the legs miraculously don’t stop the insane man, Yellow Fog Guy jumps back in and continues to be worthless. Unfortunately, the video ends before we can see what happens to Knife Man.

Point of the story: knives kill people, so kill the guy with the knife. 

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