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Las Vegas Police Shoot Knife Wielding Man

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A man with an eight inch butcher knife is shot after lunging at two Las Vegas police officers.

On June 20, 2017 officers responded to a domestic disturbance in Las Vegas. Officer Kyle Prior and two other Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers responded. Reports state that the officers spent 10 minutes knocking on the front door before a four year old let them.

They talked to the female half of the dispute who said that there wasn’t anyone else inside of the apartment. The female gives them permission to check if anyone else is inside. The officers search through the house before finding Pedro Ramirez hiding inside of a closet.

Ramirez stands up inside the closet with a large knife in his hand. All three officers tell him to drop the knife. In the video it looks like two of the officers deploy their tasers, which have no effect on Ramirez.

Ramirez lunges at the officers with the knife and is shot three times by officer Kyle Prior. This is another great example of how Tasers don’t always work.

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