Your Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theories Are Dumb

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Some of the Las Vegas Shooting conspiracy theories and “unanswered questions” are actually pretty easy to answer.

A tragedy took place earlier this week. An awful, unimaginable incident of bloodshed and chaos on American soil. Just like any other incident like this, people’s imaginations are going wild. Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theories are flying around the internet with millions of people sharing them.

I decided to write this article after my piece earlier this week about little details in the crime scene photos attracted some pretty hilarious comments like this:

Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy Theories

The top comment had hundreds of likes and plenty of arguments. Let’s break it down starting with….

A retired 64 year old multimillionaire who spends his days traveling to Vegas and Dubai with his thick Asian sex toy and gambling, lives in a half million dollar house, is a pilot who owns two airplanes, and hunts big game in Alaska decides to commit a mass shooting at a Jason Aldean concert and then commit suicide when the cops arrive.

Answer: He’s a nut. His dad was a bank robber. Everyone around him said he was a little odd. Neighbors described him as having lost a lot of weight recently, maybe he had a terminal illness and finally decided to fulfill some sick fantasy? I think that’s easier to fathom over a gun brokering deal with ISIS gone wrong.

He has no military experience.
He manages to exquisitely plan his attack. He books two connecting rooms that offer multiple firing positions overlooking the concert months in advance while his Asian gf just happens to book a trip to the Philippines at the same time. He books them in his Asian gf’s name so that his name, as a big time gambler, won’t trigger the casino’s computer and give him comps and draw attention to him.

Answer: I like to call this the “Tom Clancy theory”. Tom Clancy wrote some of the most amazing military novels of our time. Military experts form all over praised his work. When he wrote The Hunt For Red October in the early eighties, people at the Naval Academy were blown away with how good it was.

But Tom Clancy was never in the military.

He did his research. And there wasn’t even internet back then!

He acquires automatic weapons somehow and knows enough to put tripods and optics on them. He moves it all up to the hotel room three days in advance and keeps it hidden from housekeeping. He brings a tool to smash the windows instead of shooting through them. He does enough recon on site to realize they close all of the entrances to the concert area but one at 10 so he starts shooting at just after 10 so people have fewer exits to escape through. Following so far?

Answer: Oh I’m following. I’m following that it’s hard for some people to figure out how Google works. Bump-fire stocks can make a rifle shoot at an extremely high rate of fire.

He even thinks of perimeter security and sets up GoPros connected to a tablet so he can watch for the police to arrive. He thinks of everything.

Answer: THE INTERNET. If you’re going to be shooting at thousands of people, of course you are going to expect a police presence. Anyone with internet access and a gopro…… can set up a gopro! What better way to see police coming than to have a camera?!?! Crazy right?!?

Then he starts shooting. At this point, despite such detailed planning, he starts to fuck everything up. He sustains fire until the drum is empty instead of firing controlled bursts, degrading the effectiveness of his fire. He only has one drum and then has to switch to 30 round magazines. That means more time reloading and less time shooting. His room is too high up which increases distance to target and makes his fire more plunging than grazing and degrading its effectiveness.

Answer: Is it so hard to imagine a guy with no military experience, who isn’t often in high pressure situations, fucks it up a little bit? He probably wanted to get as many people as he could with that first high capacity magazine because they were all bunched together and not expecting it.

He doesn’t know how to use an automatic weapon. He doesn’t know the first thing about that. How can someone who knows nothing about something so fundamental be able to plan the rest of the operation in such precise detail?

Answer: The rest of the operation was planned with such detail because he was smart. He was a retired accountant, a numbers man. He once worked for the Defense Contract Audit Agency so it’s safe to assume his attention to detail was on point.

Something isn’t right. Who is the professional who planned it for him? How did they get this guy with no criminal record and a life full of wealth, sex, adventure, etc., to do something like this?’

Answer: Again, he was a nut.

Point being, the official report isn’t out yet, but it isn’t hard to come up with these answers.

It’s not a false flag attack.

It’s not a government cover up.

No-one is taking your guns.

I barney style it in the video below:

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