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Taser Brings Down Large Man with Little Brain

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Police responding to a public disturbance call arrive to find a very large man who is either incredibly high on drugs or extremely low on intelligence (likely combo points for both) standing in the middle of a street. The responding officer makes the mistake of getting too close to the suspect as he asks to see the man’s hands.

The suspect immediately assaults the police officer, narrowly missing with a right cross strike. The officer draws his weapon, calls for backup, and continues to fruitlessly give the dangerous suspect commands.

As the suspect fails to comply, he shouts, “I’m the man!” However, he takes off his shirt and it is revealed that his butt cheeks are hanging out of his pants, making him look more like a clown than a man, let alone the man. Although the suspect looks like a complete joke, his massive size and his demonstration of violent intent toward the officer ensures this is no laughing manner. This man is dangerous to the officers and to the public.

More officers arrive on the scene and soon the suspect is tasered. He gives a valiant struggle against the jolts of electricity, and multiple officers are required to pin him down and detain him.

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