Kettering Officer Gives Nearly 30 Commands Before Killing Felon

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When an officer says “if you reach for that gun, I’ll blow your brains out”, you probably shouldn’t reach for the gun.

Last Sunday, Kettering officer Jonathon McCoy initiated a traffic stop on a van with three occupants. The initial approach to the vehicle started out smooth. McCoy asked for drivers license and requested the names of the passengers. He went through some basic questions about them belonging in the neighborhood.

McCoy suddenly spots the hand grip of a gun poking out of the passenger’s pants pocket. The passenger, later identified as convicted felon Jason Hoops, was unlawfully carrying a Ruger pistol. The situation goes from zero to one hundred as McCoy raches down and grabs Hoop’s arm to prevent him from grabbing the pistol.

He tries telling Hoop to calm down, not to reach for the pistol. When that doesn’t work, McCoy stops playing around and tells hoop exactly what is going to happen if he reaches for the pistol. Hoop doesn’t heed the officers warning and faces the consequences seen in the video below.

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