Graphic: This Is Why You Don’t “Just Shoot Them In The Leg”

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An Iranian Police Officer corners a bank robber, armed with a knife, in the streets of the capital city surrounded by civilians, and shoots him in the leg.

When an Iranian Police Officer confront a bank robber armed with a knife, the crowd around him tries to assist. Seeing the immediate danger to civilians in the area, he makes the decision to try and disable the knife-wielding bank robber by shooting him in the leg so he can’t run around anymore. Instead of just disabling the suspect, and allowing for a prompt arrest, he clips the suspects femoral artery, and he bleeds out within seconds in the middle of the street.

On top of this threat, the officer’s shot was careless. Once a round passes through an object, you are still responsible for where it ends up. Ballistics are fickle, and it’s impossible to know exactly what a round will do once it passes through it’s target and onto something like concrete. A ricochet in this situation could have ended up in the amassing crowd of civilians and killed one of them as well.

This is they type of video you need to have book-marked. Whenever you see someone ask the question, “Why didn’t the police just shoot him in the leg?” You should respond by linking them directly to this article and video. It is the best explanation and answer to the question I have ever seen.

Warning: This video contains graphic content which may be unsuitable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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