Idiot Robbers Lose Motivation After Shotgun Pointed At Them

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Two robbers crap their pants after seeing the owner of a jewelry store point a shotgun at them.

Two young men entered Marlene’s jewelry store in Fresno, CA fully intending to take home a big score. They had it all planned out: they would act like customers, then one of them would pull out a gun, and they would walk away rich!

The perfect crime!

That is until they forgot that they aren’t the only people with guns.

Idiot robber one pulls a gun out on the guy behind the counter, making sure to rack the slide for dramatic effect. He signals for idiot robber two to jump the counter. Idiot two can’t even get that right.

As idiot two runs around the counter, idiot one turns his head away from the guy behind the counter. This gives the owner who was in the back enough time to grab a shotgun and come out pointing it at the two idiot robbers.

The one without the gun expels his bowels so hard his knees buckle and he drops to the ground. The one with the gun instantly realizes how stupid he is and takes off running.

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