Huntington beach shooting

BREAKING: Officer Involved Huntington Beach Shooting

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A bystander recorded a Huntington Beach police officer fatally shoot a man earlier today.

There isn’t much information released on this Huntington Beach shooting yet, but many people on social media are stating that this happened after the suspect possibly robbed a store and took a hostage.

The video starts off with the officer mounted on top of the suspect with the suspect actively resisting. The officer does not initially have his gun out. The suspect suddenly grabs something off of the officers duty belt, causing the officer to pull his gun and create some distance.

It looks like the suspect grabbed one of the officers’ service weapon magazines. It’s possible the officer thought the suspect had grabbed something else on his belt and reacted with deadly force. We’ve slowed down and zoomed in on the part where the suspect grabbed something off of the officers belt.

The officer fires several shots into the man before he collapses to the ground. Reports state that he died from his wounds.


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