Hostage Taker Dropped By Texas Police

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Two officers efficiently ended the threat during this intense hostage situation in Irving, Texas.

This incident took place in Irving, Texas when a man thought it would be a good idea to rob a cash advance store and take a hostage. Police officers were already waiting outside when the man tried to escape with the hostage.

Reports state that the robber told customers in the store “Do you think I’m playing? Make another move and I’ll kill her”.

Police officers weren’t about to let the man carry out his threats.

One officer is directly in front of the hostage taker with a pistol. Another officer is to the left pointing a rifle at the suspect.

Both officers opened fire and the hostage taker was struck in the head. You can see him drop like a rock behind the hostage.

No-one else was injured in the incident.

Good shot, officers.

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