Hitman gets Hit by his Target

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A hitman in Brazil thinks he’s pretty sneaky until he gets smoked by the guy he was trying to kill.

Of course the internet says this happened in Brazil. It’s probably another one of those super human off-duty Brazilian police officers that we talk about so much on here.

By the way, just like every other video out of Brazil you will see here, this is pretty graphic. In classic Brazilian shooting video fashion, the bad guy is wearing a bicycle helmet.

The video starts off with a man pulling his car into his garage. The gate is starting to close and the guy in the bike helmet sneaks in. Well, he thinks he sneaks in, but it looks like his target is expecting this. The hitman rounds the back of the car with his gun out, ready to take his target out.

The driver’s door of the car swings open and the man sitting inside pops the hitman right in the face with his own gun. His helmet goes flying and he falls onto the ground. The video isn’t the best quality, but it looks like the victor in this situation puts a few more rounds into the hitman.

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