Graphic: Islamic State Ambush On Chechen MP Caught On Dashcam

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Graphic dashcam footage shows the moment a Russian Member of Parliment was brutally killed while driving to work.

Video was released earlier this week showing a Russian MP being shot and killed while driving down a stretch of road. Magomed Askhabov was on his way to work when an unknown suspect pulled up beside him.

We’re guessing that at least two people were involved in the assassination, as it would have been difficult to drive and shoot this accurately at high speeds. Someone inside of the other vehicle opens fire on Askhabov, sending brain matter and skull flying in front of the dashcam.

Askhabov is killed instantly and veers off of the road into a light pole.

Investigators are stating that the assassination could have been committed by Islamic State inspired terrorists. Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on the other hand claims that the attack was not political.

Reports state that Askhabov, head of the committee on land relations, was on the way to work to the city of Grozny when the Toyota Camry that he was driving was shot by an unknown suspect

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