Man Threatens To Shoot Cop With Fast Hands – Gets Disarmed Instead

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An officer from Overland Park, KS, disarmed a man who pointed a gun at him with lightning like reflexes before detaining the suspect.

When Bradley Poland, 34, from Overland Park, KS, decided to drive down the wrong side of the road with his headlights off, he naturally caught the attention of a patrolling police Sergeant. The Sergeant attempted to pull Poland over, but Poland tried to flee. Poland then crashed his vehicle, and quietly tried to walk away from the scene, but the Sergeant was too on point to be fooled. He pursued the suspect, who then drew a pistol on the officer.

The Sergeant, being the ninja that he is, decided that there was no way this was going to fly. He utilized his ninjitsu training (not actual ninjitsu training) to disarm the suspect and detain him while he waiting for backup to arrive in the form of other Overland Park officers. The department released an official statement to their Facebook page, which you can find at this link.

You can find another video like this here.

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