Man Douses Himself In Gasoline Before Trying To Stab Police Officers

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Video shows a man dousing himself in gasoline, and being drenched with a fire hose before being fatally shot by Orange City Police.

Orange police initiated a traffic stop on a white GNC van on March, 12th 2017 at around 11:15 PM. The occupant, 33-year-old Michael Anthony Perez, was being pulled over for a broken tail light. Police stated also that there was an active warrant associated with the plate on the vehicle.

Perez refused to stop, and pulled over into a parking lot where police tried to order him out of the van. Perez continued to be non-compliant with officer’s demands.

As police approached the vehicle, they saw Perez pour gasoline on himself from a canister, and threaten to light himself on fire with a cigarette.

At this point police came up with a solid plan, until Perez jumped out of the van with a knife. Officers broke the passenger side window of the van and drenched Perez with a fire hose in order to prevent him from being able to set himself and the vehicle on fire. Police were successful in flushing him out of the van, but Perez was still holding onto a deadly weapon.

One officer grabs onto Perez. Another officer, fearing for his friend’s safety, fires and hits Perez. He later died from his wounds.

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