From Lost Boy of Sudan to Atlanta Police Officer

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Officer Jacob Mach, once a lost boy of Sudan, is now an Atlanta Police Officer.

This story is a little old, but I just now came across it and wanted to share something positive. Social media is filled with too much negativity today and I don’t give two squirrel farts about kneeling NFL players.

I saw this tweet posted about 6 months ago and just came across it again:

The Lost Boys of Sudan is something that I had learned a little about in school. We watched a few documentaries, felt bad for these kids, but I don’t think we ever really understood exactly what they went through.

Between 1983 and 2005 the Second Sudanese War killed about 2 million people and displaced 40,000 young men. Aid workers took to calling these young men “The Lost Boys”. These young men experienced warfare, genocide, rape, famine and a number of other terrible things. After dealing with countless atrocities, they marched sometimes hundreds to thousands of miles to other countries for safety.

Jacob Mach

Jacob Mach

Jacob Mach was one of these young men. At 7 years old he marched hundreds of miles to Ethiopia and lived in refugee camps for 14 years. At 21 years old he learned English, graduated college, and applied at the Atlanta Police Department.

His first time at the academy he was dropped due to a stress fracture. His second time at the academy, he had trouble with driving and shooting. He finally got through it on his third try. He became a police officer February 15 of this year.

Jacob, you’re quite an inspiration. I hope policing is treating you good, buddy.




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