Footage Released of Dual Wielding Baltimore Robber

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Footage has just been released showing a Baltimore criminal in a wild gunfight with police on a public transit bus.

We previously covered this incident a few weeks ago when the only footage available was from a shaky cell phone.  Baltimore County State’s Attorney office has just now released the footage from inside and outside of the transit bus that this shooting took place.

35-year-old Blaine Erb appeared to just be another passenger on a Baltimore transit bus. A few moments before boarding the bus though, Erb had robbed two people at gun point. Police stopped the bus and boarded it looking for the suspected robber.

One officer and Erb get into a confrontation on the bus and both pull their weapons. As passengers duck for cover, Erb and the officer exchange gunfire. Erb pulls out a gun in both hands and leans out the side of the bus.

Erb has watched too many action movies.

Four police officers are involved in the gunfight with Erb, who is fatally shot. A county police officer and a 21-year-old bystander are injured during the exchange.

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