Vehicle Chase Turns Into A Foot Chase After Suspect Fires On Officers

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Police are lead on a vehicle chase after responding to an armed robbery. The chase goes foot mobile after the suspect fires at officers.

Officers from Seattle respond to an armed robbery where a suspect has held a victim at gun point and stolen his cell phone. The suspect, Diondrae ‘Top Notch’ Brown, a known serial robber, fled the scene in a silver Volkswagen Jetta, and was pursued by officers Christina Bradley and Daniel Aguirre through the 3300 block of Rainier Avenue South.

The chase goes foot mobile when the suspect stops his vehicle on a hill, steps out and opens fire on the officers while allowing his vehicle to roll down hill towards Officer Aguirre. Both officers pursue the suspect on foot, and he is later caught and taken to jail ending his violent crime spree that consisted of six armed robberies in just 17 days.

King County Prosecutors are charging Brown with five counts of Robbery in the First Degree, 2 counts of Assault in the 2nd Degree and Attempting to Elude a Police Vehicle. His bail has been set to $1,000,000, and he plead not guilty to all charges in court.

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