Game and Fish Officer Puts Fear of God into Armed Robbery Suspect

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An Arkansas Game and Fish officer assists in the pursuit of an armed robbery suspect on a multilane interstate highway. As the officer meets the suspect vehicle, he crosses the median just as the fleeing car buttonhooks and begins driving alongside the road back toward oncoming traffic.

The Game and Fish officer parallels the suspect vehicle, not allowing him back on the highway. He points his service pistol at the suspect as part of an escalation of force, giving him every chance to surrender before things become deadly.

The suspect soon loses control of his vehicle, crashing into the tree line. The officer immediately dismounts and closes the distance just as the suspect exits his vehicle to make his escape on foot. However, as soon as the suspect is out of the vehicle, the officer has his Glock in the perpetrator’s face. The look of sheer terror is incredible, and it makes the viewer almost believe for a moment that the “scared straight” theory is viable.

Although this video is incredibly entertaining to the point of being hilarious at times, the reality of the situation for those involved is another story. These officers were responding to an armed robbery suspect who had no qualms about endangering dozens of other motorists and was believed to be still armed with the gun used in the crime. These cops had no idea if or when the suspect would decide to use the weapon, and that explains the intensity in the arresting officer’s voice and actions.

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