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Filipino Police Officer Defends Himself Against Road Raging Bikers

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An off-duty Filipino police officer is forced to defend himself with his service pistol after two road raging bikers overwhelm him during a road rage event.

An off-duty officer from Panabo, Philippines is forced to fatally shoot two civilian bikers during a road rage incident. The event occurred after the officer honked his horn at the two bikers, who were immediately infuriated. A verbal argument breaks out at first, but the situation quickly escalates as the two men overwhelm the officer.

In the scuffle, the officer protects himself the best he can until one of the men picks up a brick and starts hitting him with it. The first hit lands square with the officer, but the second misses. In the next few seconds after the event, the officer draws his service pistol and stops the threat by fatally shooting both men.

The entire incident was recorded on a CCTV camera in the area.

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