13 Quick Facts About the Las Vegas Shooting

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We’ve compiled a list of facts about the Las Vegas shooting to fill you in on new developments.

13. The shooter’s dad was a bank robber

Stephen Paddock’s father was a notorious bank robber who was once on the FBI’s most wanted list. He was on the list from 1969 until 1977. He escaped prison in 1969 and was captured in 1978. Authorities had once described the father as a “psychopath”.

12. Paddock’s past was clean

Paddock had a squeaky clean record. He was a 64-year-old retired accountant who had once worked for the IRS and the Defense Contract Audit Agency. He gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars away every year at casinos. He was a pilot, real estate investor, and liked to travel around the world.


11. Tons of planning went into the attack

Paddock had meticulously planned the shooting, even going so far as to put cameras outside of this hotel room so that he could see police approaching. Paddock even filmed himself during the shooting, but that may be one video that we will never see. In one newly released picture, you can see where Paddock shot through his door at a security guard.

The picture below was taken from outside of the room. You can see the bullet holes where Paddock had fired at authorities through the door from inside of the room.


10. Paddock’s girlfriend stated she knew nothing about this

Paddock wired over $100,000 to the Philippines last week, which is his girlfriend’s home country. Officials have confirmed that she was in the Philippines at the time of the shooting but we still aren’t sure who the money went to. The girlfriend stated today that she had no idea what he was planning and that he was a “kind, caring, and quiet man”

9. Paddock was armed to the teeth

New pictures released show just how well armed paddock was. In this picture you can see the hammer used by paddock to smash the windows and a few of the 23 rifles he used during the attack. If you look closely by the column, you can see over a dozen magazines neatly stacked up that Paddock didn’t use.

8. Paddock left a suicide note

Speaking of the new pictures, it appears that Paddock may have left a note at the scene. Will we ever see what the madman wrote down before killing 58 people then himself?

7. Paddock smuggled the rifles in suitcases

Authorities found 13 suitcases inside of Paddock’s suite. It is believed that he used these to sneak in the 23 weapons which were probably disassembled to prevent suspicion. 19 more guns were recovered from his home in Mesquite Nevada.

6. Paddock may have been planning an escape

Authorities found 1,600 rounds of ammo, 50 lbs. of Tannerite, and several pounds of ammonium nitrate in Paddocks car. This is leading investigators to believe he may have been planning to escape his room and cause more damage.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo even stated that Paddock may have intended to survive. Former assistant director of the US Marshals Service Art Rodrick told reporters that the Tannerite could have been used to set off the ammonium nitrate.

5. There were more than a few heroes involved in this incident.

29-year-old Marine Veteran Taylor Winston stole a truck and drove over two dozen people to a local hospital.

A man named Jack Beaton was killed while laying on top of his wife, protecting her from gunfire.

Jack Beaton and his wife

Jonathan Smith was shot in the neck and still managed to help over 30 people escape from gunfire.

Lindsey Lee Padgett used her truck to drive 5 wounded people to the hospital.

4. A security guard is responsible for finding Paddock

In one of the pictures above, bullet holes can be seen in a door. This is where Paddock had fired over 200 rounds at security guard Jesus Campos. Campos was patrolling the casino and was called to investigate the disturbance coming from the 32nd floor.

Campos approached the door of the shooter’s suite and was met by intense gunfire. Campos was shot in the leg and continued to help clear the rooms surrounding Paddock’s.

Campos not only distracted Paddock from shooting at the crowd below, he also called out Paddock’s location to police. When police arrived on scene, Campos gave them the key card to Paddock’s room.

3. Several law enforcement employees were killed

Among the 58 people killed, there were three known victims who worked in law enforcement. Manhattan Beach Police Department records technician Rachael Parker was shot and killed. She worked for the Manhattan Beach Police department for 10 years.

Rachael Parker

59-year-old California Correctional Lt. Derrick Taylor and his girlfriend were shot and killed by Paddock. He served with California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 29 years. He is survived by two sons.

Derrick ‘Bo’ Taylor and his girlfriend

2. One off-duty Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer was killed

34-year-old Charleston Hartfield had served 16 years in the military and 11 years in law enforcement. Hartfield was off duty when he was shot by Paddock while attending them music festival. He is survived by his wife, son, and daughter.

Charleston Hartfield

Hartfield just published a book on Amazon about policing in Las Vegas. Proceeds from purchases of his book go directly to his family.

Charleston Hartfield’s book. All proceeds from purchases go to his family.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is awesome

The last and most important fact about this whole incident: The LVMPD is awesome. While Stephen Paddock rained down bullets on the crowd, the LVMPD ran directly towards the fire.

My friend Chris Fisher, former police officer, put it best:

When every single survival instinct was screaming run away, they ran toward automatic gunfire. Think about that. Despite all the protests, all the vitriol, all the hate and false accusations, Las Vegas Metro Police charged toward gunfire, two of them taking rounds in the process, risking their lives for strangers. These are the police officers I know.

In the twelve years I was a police officer, I saw acts of selflessness and bravery over and over and over again. I can honestly and with a clear conscience say that I never, not once, saw someone abused for the color of their skin, their beliefs or ideals, or any other quantifier you can use to categorize people. But, I saw men and women charging into dangerous situations to protect others while everyone else ran more times than I can count.

I’m not talking about news articles or clips from some distant city. I’m talking about in Alabaster and Bibb County. Places where I patrolled, and men and women I patrolled with.

I’m damned sick and tired of the media demonizing police to line their pockets. This photo right here is the true representation of law enforcement in America.

Some of the body camera footage from Las Vegas Metro PD of the incident has been released:

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