Winston-Salem Arrest That Sparked Outrage Online In Full Context

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A very popular Facebook page, called MIC, smears Winston-Salem police and sparks outrage over a completely lawful arrest.

Social media is very good at showing how amazing our men and women in blue are. Unfortunately, social media is also very good at causing unnecessary hate towards law enforcement if used out of context, which it often is.

Let’s face it, hating police is practically a trending topic every single day.

I’ve managed several LEO oriented social media pages whose followers range from several thousand, to several million. I can tell you with absolute certainty that a video of a police officer fighting someone will be shared several thousand times more than a police officer helping someone. There are many Facebook pages, like Mic, who exploit this fact while adding the wrong context for views and clicks.

It basically goes like this: Police Officer Fighting + Give People A Reason To Hate Police = $$$

Don’t get me wrong, there are dirt bag police officers out there who are caught on camera, and we try to smash those guys the same way we smash criminals. Taking video of a lawful arrest however, and making it out to be police brutality is wrong and can get police, and even Joe Civilian who thinks he has a law degree from Facebook, hurt.

One of my favorite things to do is point out how completely wrong cancerous Facebook pages like Mic are when they make videos like this:

The video, by Mic, shows a Winston-Salem police officer arresting a young woman, while flashing text across the screen about how violent of an arrest it is and how wrong the police officer was in doing this. The video has 1.4 million views and 17 thousand shares.

The comments on the video show exactly what I’m talking about with the unnecessary hate:

In reality though, it was a normal traffic stop that resulted in an arrest because Tekera Williams was a disrespectful idiot, and body camera footage released by police proves that. That story however hasn’t been told by anyone before us, and probably won’t garner nearly as much attention because it is outside of the police hate narrative.

At around 9:15 AM, on May 3rd, the officer clocked Williams driving 51 mph in a 35 mph zone. A traffic stop was initiated and the officer ran her information, discovering that the vehicles plates were revoked for not having insurance, and Williams was driving on a suspended license.

The officer informs Williams why she has been pulled over, and starts scratching out some citations. He then tells her that he is taking the plates, but first he needs her keys for officer safety. She refuses every single lawful order, and when he moves in for the arrest, that’s when the person with the cell phone started filming.

The video below shows the actual arrest after the officer made his second approach to the vehicle to take the plates. There’s nothing violent about the arrest either, the officer doesn’t even throw any strikes, he just gently places her on the ground.

Williams was charged with resisting arrest, speeding, driving with a revoked license, displaying a revoked registration plate, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, and failing to notify the DMV of a change of address. The officer however was sentenced to death by the Facebook comments on that video. Sharing this story will help clear the officers name, so do us, and him a favor and give this article a share on Facebook after you watch the video below.

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