Dumb Girl Blames Charlottesville Attack On Police

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Now some people are blaming the police for all the violence in Charlottesville.

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not agreeing with any side on this whole Charlottesville thing.

Here’s my opinion: people need to calm the hell down and stop beating each other with sticks and shields. All this extreme LARPing is doing nothing but tying up government resources and getting innocent people killed. The extremists on both sides are getting out of hand and they need to grow up.

Peaceful protest is a wonderful thing, but standing in the middle of the street is dumb. Hitting people with a car because they have different beliefs is dumb. Screaming in a guys face who is peacefully protesting is dumb.

The video below is just another example of how some people can’t stand it when everyone doesn’t think like they do. You have the guy in the Confederate uniform, holding a confederate flag, representing something he believes in. You may not agree with it, but America is awesome because he has the right to do that. Just like how the dumbass Nazi people can goosestep around in a country that literally beat the hell out of Nazi Germany over 70 years ago. It’s their right to do so.

It’s also Black Lives Matter right to march around, screaming about dead cops while they are protected by police.

In the video below, you have people screaming in the Confederate guys face. Stupid girl on the right is holding up a few birds. Dude who wishes he was Che Guevara is probably just trying to sleep with stupid girl.

At the end of the video, to avoid any more violence, police politely ask the guy if they can get him out of there. He agrees and stupid girl follows them out. The officer asks stupid girl if she wants another day like Saturday, to which she replies “that blood is on your hands!”

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