Dresses Up As Woman

Dumb Criminal Dresses Up As Woman to Evade Police

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A man wanted by police dresses up as woman to try and fool Baltimore Police. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work.

Earlier this week, while on patrol, Baltimore police spotted a Honda Accord parked at an intersection. The occupants of the car were well known by police as being involved in violent incidents. When the driver of the car noticed the officers, he sped off and police initiated a traffic stop. The car did not stop for police and managed to get away from them.

A different officer spotted the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Again, the car did not stop and managed to get away. I’m assuming that Baltimore might have a no-chase policy so officers could not pursue them without a felonious crime being committed.

The car was abandoned and police spotted one of the occupants running through a housing complex with a rifle. Officers found the home that the man was holed up in.

The people inside of the home were called outside, including the man who was seen with a rifle.

After a rigorous investigation, officers noticed one of the “women” had a very deep voice and a mustache.

That’s some damn fine police work, Baltimore PD!

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