Officer Makes Difficult Call To Shoot Fleeing Carjacker

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An officer is forced to make a difficult decision while pursuing an armed carjacker that was fleeing into a residential area. Did he make the right call?

Cpl. Jeffrey Heinis was forced to make a tough decision as he stopped a car that was believed to have been stolen. The suspect, a 17-year-old boy, was carrying a black semi-automatic pistol as he fled the scene. Two days prior to this event, he stole the vehicle at gun point.

The suspect was on the move to a residential area, where the officer believed he would attempt to steal another vehicle and continue to flee. “He didn’t leave the gun in the car. He didn’t try to conceal it. He had already used it in the commission of a violent felony. So, I thought, OK, he’s bringing it for a reason.” Officer Heinis said in his statement.

He was cleared in the shooting after an extensive investigation. Sometimes officers have to take the protect part of their job very serious. Imagine what crimes the 17-year-old could have committed after jumping the fence. Would he have turned and fired on the officer? Would he have gotten into the residential area and shot someone while trying to steal their vehicle? Would he have lead police on a dangerous chase leading to the deaths of other innocent people or himself?

It was a tough call, but the officer made the correct decision based on the information he had at the time.

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