Deputy Returns Fire, Makes “One in a Billion Shot”

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Jefferson County deputy, Jose Marquez made what is being called a “one in a billion” shot after being violently attacked and shot multiple times.

Marquez was visiting his girlfriend in Aurora, Colorado when two men wearing masks and armed with guns attempted to rob him. The suspects shot him three times, once in the shoulder and twice in the abdomen. Refusing to give up, Marquez returned fire. One of his rounds perfectly entered the muzzle of the suspect’s Springfield XD40 and traveled all the way up the barrel, where it impacted the chambered round.

The shot disabled the attacker’s weapon, while another one of the rounds hit suspect Kahlil Meshesha in the leg, subduing him. The other attacker ran off. Authorities deemed Marquez justified in the shooting, as he fired in self defense. He wasn’t charged.

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  1. Just happened? Lucky shot? No one just happens to do this by luck.
    this man’s life was saved by the hand of God.

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