Unarmed Police Officers Forced To Wrestle Man With Deadly Weapon

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Unarmed officers from Sussex are forced to wrestle a man threatening them with a deadly weapon. One officer was injured in the process.

This video is a great example of why officers should not ever be forced to go on patrol unarmed. At no point should we expect officers to go out with their only means of protection being the Taser or a billy club with some OC spray. While situations like this may be acceptable in the UK, where the population is roughly 64.1 million, and calls like this happen less often, expecting police in the United States to respond in a similar fashion is unrealistic.

The officers respond in force to a man brandishing a hammer. Three officers, plus a K-9 unit, try to arrest the man for burglary. In the process, he makes the decision to resist arrest by striking the nearest officer with a hammer. He then goes on a rampage and the officers are forced to wrestle him to the ground using just their hands and billy clubs, one of them is injured by the hammer in the process.

The man, Jamshid Piruz, unemployed and homeless, was later sentenced to life in prison at Hove Crown Court after pleading guilty to burglary, affray and two counts of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.

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