Officers Forced To Detain Suspect With Deadliest Of Intentions

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Cape Coral Police are forced to detain a suspect with the deadliest of intentions. While being apprehended, the suspect resists arrest to the very end.

Officers from Cape Coral respond to a call about a fugitive on the loose in a downtown area. The officers respond in force, and have to detain the suspect by locking him in the back of a police cruiser. The suspect however, has other plans and resists the officers all the way until the brutal end, where he ends up in a cage.

At several points in the video suspect, 3-year-old “Chill” Bill, resists the officer’s commands, and refuses to be taken into custody until the officers use brute force to muscle him into the back of their vehicle. Later, the suspect would be turned over to Lee County Agricultural Deputy for questioning about his intentions in downtown Cape Coral. It is still unknown at this time what the true intent of Bill was, or why he was rampaging in the area.

No officers were harmed in the incident, and neither was the suspect.

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