Dashcam Shows Rescue of Kidnapped Woman

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A transgender couple kidnapped a woman to brainwash her in a cave. No, we didn’t make that up.

We had to read the news reports a few times to make sure this wasn’t something out of a Stephen King novel. Reports state that a year of planning went into this kidnapping. From how it went down, the suspects appear to be piss poor planners.

It all started out when suspects Jack Morgan and Samuel Brown, who is transgender and identifies as “Sophie”, began stalking the unnamed female victim. Las Vegas police responded to the woman’s apartment after witnesses saw her being dragged from her apartment in her underwear.

Police found a knife, stun gun, and the victims purse inside of the apartment. Authorities pinged Morgan’s phone and located him in New Mexico. Police located the van and initiated a traffic stop. The police in the dash-cam footage stated that they could hear the woman screaming from inside of the van.

The victim later told police that Morgan was going to take her to a cave and brainwash her to be his wife.

The video shows police arrest the two suspects and take chains off of the victim.

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