Dashcam Shows Cuffed Woman Steal Patrol Car

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A woman and her partner lead police on a high speed chase in a UHP trooper’s patrol car.

This whole incident started when a Utah Highway Patrolman responded to reports of a flipped vehicle right outside of Wendover. When the trooper arrived on scene, a Ford F-350 had pulled over to help the people involved in the wreck. In the dash cam video, the car can be seen off to the right side in the flats.

The trooper runs the car’s tags and it comes back stolen. The trooper detains the male half and places him in the cage of the patrol car. The officer then detains the female half and places her in the passenger seat. As the officer walks away to retrieve the couples belongings, 32-year-old Brandy Willes slips out of her cuffs and jumps into the driver seat.

The video below shows her take off in the trooper’s patrol car. The couple reached speeds up to 133 mph before running from police on foot. They were caught shortly after and Willes was charged with theft, escape from custody, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and driving with a controlled substance.

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