Dash Cam Footage From Milwaukee Shooting Released

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The shooting in Milwaukee earlier this week sparked outrage on social media. Newly released dash-cam footage paints a different story.

Earlier this week, Milwaukee police shot and killed 19 year old Terry Williams on Milwaukee’s lakefront. Before any official statements were released, posts all over social media cried for the police to be fired immediately. Like any other police incident, many people made comments about killing police officers.

Dash-cam footage was released today showing exactly what happened leading up to the fatal shooting. A police officer tried to pulled over Williams, but he suddenly turns and speeds away into a busy park. Williams tries to escape over a median and barely misses Deputy Michael Truax.

Deputy Truax opens fire, striking Williams in the head. He remained on life support for 2 days before dying.

A loaded 9mm pistol was found in the vehicle that Williams was driving. Milwaukee police also stated that Williams was a suspect involved in a shooting the day before he was killed.

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