Cop Gets In Gunfight After Stopping to Check On Motorist

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A Glendale, Arizona officer managed to dodge some bullets and return fire on a man who suddenly pulled out a gun.

The body camera footage of an intense firefight between a Glendale officer and a suspect has been released today. The original incident took place on January 20 of this year whole officer Anthony Cano was on patrol. The officer stopped to check out a vehicle that appeared to have been in an accident.

Cano approached the driver side window and spoke with 29-year-ol Abel Rodriguez. Shortly after approaching the vehicle, Rodriguez pulls out a gun from underneath his shirt and opens fire on the officer. Cano retreats the rear of the car while firing several shots towards Rodriguez.

Officer Cano finds better cover and fires one more shot before Rodriguez exits out of the passenger side door. The suspect fires another volley of shots before the holes put into him by the officer takes the fight right out of him.

Backup arrives on scene and Rodriguez is arrested without further incident. He was treated on scene and taken to a local hospital.

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