Perfect Example Of Why Knives Are Deadly Weapons

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A fights outside of a convenience store leads to a stabbing that kills a man within seconds. This is why knives are deadly weapons.

This incident took place between 26-year-old Kendall Anthony and an unknown suspect in Newark, NJ over the weekend. 

Security footage from outside of the store clearly captures the entire incident. It begins with the two men arguing and quickly turns into Anthony swinging on the man in the white shirt.

If you blinked, you missed it.

The man in the white shirt quickly dodges the punch and stabs the Anthony in the left side of his abdomen. Anthony backs up and a small trickle of blood can be seen. He paces for a minute, leaving trails of blood on the ground before shock kicks in and he falls over. The people inside the store close the door and lock it. The man with the knife walks away. Someone helps Anthony up but he collapses again.

It was 1 minute and 56 seconds between the stabbing and him collapsing on a curb. He was treated but died soon after, and people wonder why cops shoot people with knives.

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