Columbus Police Catch Burglar Pleasuring Himself

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Columbus campus police were called to a burglary in progress and found more than they were looking for when they found the suspect pleasuring himself.

Last Thursday, Columbus Campus Police were called to a burglary in progress. A homeowner called police and reported an unknown man inside of her home. Officers were fortunate enough to quickly locate the burglar shortly after arriving on scene. They were unfortunate enough to catch the suspect masturbating on the woman’s couch.

One officer can be seen in the video below looking through the front windows of the house and stating “Yep. He’s on the couch playing with himself”. The man wouldn’t even stop after police shined flashlights on him and attempted to kick open the door.

The female who called police told them that he had broken in and attempted to sexually assault two individuals inside of the residence.  22-year-old Calvin Lynn was charged with burglary and public indecency-engaging in a sex act.

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