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Chico Police Fight With Bloody Tweaker Before Shooting Him

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Chico police officers corner thief who had stabbed a security guard. The suspect did not go down without a fight.

On July 23 at approximately 11:50 p.m. Chico Police officers, along with Butte County Sheriff’s deputies, responded to the scene of a shooting. Suspect Tyler Rushing was burglarizing a commercial office building when confronted by an armed security guard. Rushing ran at the guard and stabbed him before being shot one time.

Officers arrived on scene and found a blood trail from Rushing leading into the business. Several officers with long guns and a K-9 cleared the building and found Rushing locked in a bathroom. Officers ordered him out several times, stating that they only wanted to help him get treatment.

In the video below you can hear rushing tearing up the bathroom and refusing to come out. Officers eventually decided to breach the bathroom and arrest Rushing. The door to the bathroom was rammed and officers went inside.

The struggle with Rushing only lasted a few moments before he was shot. Rushing hit one officer over the head with a large piece of ceramic and stabbed another in the neck with a metal object. Sgt. Ruppel, who was stabbed in the neck, fired two shots at Rushing.

It was later determined that the fatal shot was fired by the security guard.

According to reports, “The doctor expressed great surprise the subject was able to function as long and violently as he did after the security sergeant’s devastating gunshot. He opined the subject’s extraordinary stamina was most likely drug induced.”

It seems like he might have been on some synthetic drug. Like the stuff that makes people eat other people’s faces.

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