Charlotte Officer Makes Amazing Shot

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A Charlotte police officer takes down a rifle wielding man with one extremely well placed shot.

Video of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer involved shooting has been released. The March 8 shooting took place between Charlotte officer Brian Walsh and 25-year-old Ukrainian immigrant Iaroslav Mosiiuk. Mosiiuk’s sister called 911 and told them that her brother was having a mental episode. She also told police that he was searching for her boyfriend’s gun.

Officers arrived on scene and knocked on the front door. The primary officer who knocked on the front door spots Mosiiuk coming to the door with a rifle. He turns and screams “gun, gun, he’s got a long gun” while retreating to better cover. Walsh retreats behind his patrol car with the sister who called police.

Mossiiuk, holding a rifle, can clearly be seen walking in the direction of the retreating officer who knocked on the front door. Walsh fires one shot, instantly removing the threat. Walsh stated that the man was pointing the rifle at his partner.

Great shot officer Walsh.

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