Cartel Gunmen Ambush Cops, Kill Two Police and Three Civilians

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The officers inside of their truck never even had time to react before being ambushed by Cartel gunmen.

Video footage has been released showing gunmen massacre everyone at a gas station in Guanajuato, Mexico. The video starts off with a pick up truck pulling up to the police truck. Before the officers could react, men inside of the pickup truck open fire with automatic weapons.

They spray the police truck with bullets, killing two officers. More gunmen appear from the right side of the screen and kill the two gas station attendants. On attendant can be seen laying on the ground with their hands on their head before being shot in the back.

Reports state that the suspects were following the police and took advantage of them stopping at the gas station. The gunmen also killed a female toll booth attendant on the way out of town.

This isn’t the first Cartel ambush we’ve seen this week. The other day several gunmen ambushed a State Police Convoy.

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