Car Slams Into Protesters In Charlottesville, Killing At Least One Person

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A motorist slams into a group of protesters during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A state of emergency had been declared in Virgina after the “Unite the Right” white nationalist rally became violent yesterday. Hundreds of protesters and white nationalists have been fighting each other in the streets. Earlier today, a motorist rammed into a group of protesters at a high rate of speed.

As protesters shouted “our streets”, a person in a Dodge Challenger slams into the crowd of people and another vehicle. Several people are even thrown into the air by the impact of the car. In the second part of the video below, the Challenger reverses at a high rate of speed.

Authorities have not determined if this was intentional or an accident. Considering how the person in the car quickly drove away, it looks like it may be intentional. One person has been confirmed dead.

Warning: Graphic video.

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