Would-be Car-jacker Picks The Wrong Guy To Try Grand Theft Auto On

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Elmwood Park Police have just released a shootout between a very unsuccessful would-be car-jacker and an armed man who stood his ground.

On April 8th, 43-year-old Ronald Morales chose the wrong person to try and rob. Surveillance video from a local BP gas station in Elmwood Park shows Morales walking up to a vehicle, and pulling a gun out from the back of his pants.

The man who had been pumping gas saw Morales approaching his vehicle and retrieved his own firearm. Morales approaches the vehicle and opens the passenger door. As the passenger slams the door shut, the man on the drivers side pops over the top and starts shooting.

Morales and his would-be victim exchange several shots before Morales runs off, firing behind himself as he runs.

Morales later died from his wounds.

The driver of the car and the occupants were unharmed. Police announced this week that the driver will of course not face any charges for defending himself.

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