Brutal New Orleans Robbery Caught on Camera

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Several men viciously attacked and robbed two New Orleans tourists over the weekend, leaving one victim in critical condition.

Boston natives James Curran and Tim Byrne were visiting New Orleans over the weekend for a religion convention. They were walking down a sidewalk near the French Quarter when robbers attacked them from behind. Both victims of the robbery were punched in the side of the head before they could even see it coming.

Byrne was instantly knocked unconscious, falling face first into the pavement. Two other robbers run up and help steal their cell phones and wallets. The robbers run off, but one of them comes back to look at Byrne. It appears that the thief is spooked by the growing pool of blood and runs off again.

21-year-old Dehaun Paul was arrested today and police say that they know who the other suspects are.

Tim Byrne remains in a coma.

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